Spider Deity

Arianrhod was once part of the Ashtari pantheon, before the Great Schism. She is now one of the Trinity of Shadows. She's the goddess of murder, betrayal, hatred, change and chaos. As peace settled on Solcu after the giants defeat she grew restless, unsatisfied with her role in the new order. She whispered words of deceit and betrayal in the ears of the other gods and among the children of the motion, the elves. She sought out the destructive and corruptive powers of the giants, becoming a twisted and sick thing. It was she who engineered the plan to murder Amatera, jealous of her radiance and beauty, which sparked the Great Schism that shattered the ancient empire of the elves and turned the glorious capital into a dreaded place, the capital which once were said to have been the greatest city ever conceived by mortal minds. She lurks in the heart of every Ashtari, as they hate her and she is Hatred.