Amada is a goddess of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of Life and sub-domains of the Healing, Fertility and Affliction. She has mothered the deity Zussi with Salva and the deities Reilchwa, Vnaldra, Vuldorol, Cwivel, Ava and Lao. She herself wasn't created by any mythology, but as interpretation of a mother of several healing and ailment gods absorbing the healing part while the ailments were acquired by her children. Her realm is the ???.


Amada looks like an aged goddess with various characteristics of various races wearing the clothes of a mystical healer with a band hiding their eyes.

She is a gentle goddess and but not one very strong and lately she often feels like a maiden that must be rescued by males and she hates that kind of treatment.


Amada was a goddess once under the slavery of the Great Beasts and was saved from them by the Pantheon. She joined it after and with gratitude promised to do everything to help the Pantheon. She healed the Pantheon and their woshippers of all curses, diseases and wounds. However this came back to bite her when the powerful necromancer god, the Baron of the Manor, only agreed to join the Pantheon, if Amada, his crush, promised to be his sole lover and sire his children. She spitefully agreed.

After siring the sixth child she grew tired of the Baron and fell in love with tormented goddess Salva. She was there for her and supporting and helping her with the plan and eventually sired a seventh child in secret with her and tried to tricked the Baron to believe the child was his, thinking she succeed. When Salva took over the Pantheon she believed she would been given the Throne of Life, instead Salva gave that to their children, Zussi, defusing much of the Baron arguments against Salva's rule. Salva annouced her relationship with Amada and she broke up with the Baron. Amada now stays at Salva's side and tries to keep the promise she made before.


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