Among the Aldash, Alsunnia is a living legend. She was born in slavery, owned by a wealthy inhabitant of Rorolark itself, one hundred years before the Cataclysm, yet, even before the Great escape, she created a secret community of Aldash slaves whose goal was to create chaos in the Goblin Empire as a mean to freed her sisters and brothers Aldash. Probably because of her plans, she managed to not only survive but lead her revolt when the Cataclysm stroke, while thousands of other Aldash died in the destruction of the capital.

Leading her ragtag group of survivors, she created the Alsunnil Tribe, a social organization which has been emulated since this time by all the surviving free Aldash, who created their own tribes. She claimed for herself the title of Matriarch and assured the continuity of the social division inherited by the sexual dimorphism of the Aldash when she claimed that the females would be the warriors, huntress, priestess of the ancestors and heads of families, while the males would be messengers, diplomats, inventors and magicians. Such was the renown of Alsunnia that soon, all the free Aldash gathered around her, willingly or by force.

Fifty years before, she took the title of Great Matriarch of the Aldash, and she herself as the leader of all her people. Her goal is to create a true nation of the Aldash, powerful enough to be respected and feared even by their former masters, the Goblins. Such a task demand allies, and Alsunnia has entered secret negotiations with both Täjara and the Wind elves. She has spies in every tribe of the Aldash and she believe that, if she keep playing her game with patience, she will succeed in less than two centuries, which would leaving her with a century of life to secure her possible success.

However, a certain albinos: could speed the success of her plans by at least a century.

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